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AREIAS puppet theater

The girl stitched the camels’ names at the bottom of the mountains, from where the gold expanded in threads of water technicolor.

Gingerly, she dug up a buried treasure from the sand that her ancestors had saved. The Alchemist, concocted wondrous loose colors to make up the celestial sky. And little by little, her eyes embraced the vast spectrum of the sea of sand.

Theater and Multimedia from the plastic arts, with an appealing visual language, using handling materials techniques, building forms and moving images.


Direction, manipulation and scenography: Pedro Saraiva
Origami: Elsa Martinho
Music: Daily Misconceptions
Scene photo and video: Mário Costa
Illustration and design: Anabela Dias
Prodution: Imaginar do Gigante
Age: 3 and up





PLOUF Teatro Para Pequenos Gigantes

PLOUF enjoys taking the houses for a walk in the garden. But on these gloomy days it rains heavily, and to shelter the roofs is a difficult task for someone so little. It would be best to cover the clouds with a raincoat to be able to dream a bit more...

It tells the story of a child during the course of a whole day: from morning to the afternoon, and finally into the night. A dive into discovering how to grow a lot without ever having the head touching the clouds.

Making use of an abstract language, this show tries to make space for creative imagination and reasoning. Animation cinema, illustration, plastic expression, and physical theatre in a symbiosis between the world of aesthetics, poetics and the public.

This project is accompanied by the book entitled Plouf by Pedro Saraiva, with illustrations by Anabela Dias, which was awarded with an honorable mention by 3X3, the world-renowned American Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, 2016, and an honorable mention by "Nami Island International Picture Book Illustration Concours", South Korea 2017.


Direction: Pedro Saraiva
Interpretation: Cátia Lopes
Scenography: Carla Rosário, André Dias e Pedro Saraiva
Movement: Ana Ferreira
Music: Daily Misconceptions
Video: Ricardo Blanco
Scene photo: Mário Costa
Voice-off: Leonor Saraiva Brandão
Illustration and design: Anabela Dias
Production: Imaginar do Gigante
Age: 3 and up