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tan-tan-tann 2018What is TAN TAN TANN? The name of this project derives from thePortuguese words for cooper (tanoeiro) and cooperage (tanoaria), and fromthe sound TANN reminiscent of hammering on wood.

TAN TAN TANN unites audiences from all backgrounds to a transdisciplinaryevent where the ancient craft of cooperage merges with contemporary art.Starting from the artistic practices this project restores a community to itsrightful ancestral place, and is a potential catalytic agent to promote culturaltourism and the settling of populations

This festival embraces the city and brings its community closer via a senseof belonging both to the arts and to a common heritage.The successful first edition in 2017 brought an interdisciplinary program ofcontemporary performances for the young audiences and was held at thelive space of Josafer cooper’s workshop, still in operation at the municipalityof Esmoriz.

To experience a still-operating cooper’s workshop is to bring closer the artof cooperage to its local population, thus ensuring continuity and harboringnew knowledge and new reflections on the artistic practices. In the futurethis project can also become a space for creating and spreading newartistic languages

TAN TAN TANN is na event where the past propels the future into anexpanding artistic, cultural, museological, environmental, and touristic territory.


15 JUN, 22H00


In this play, the performer isalso the observer, audience, castaway, builder of submerged layers, standing out as an existential meta-phor. Su8marino is a ritual, a blurred boundary where layers of de- and re-territorialisation open the way for a metamorphosis.

How to react to our surrounding universe, with Syria gradually coming apart, with Brazil shrinking, with the United States reaching the limit and with Europe on the brink of asphyxia? To what extent does the conscience of globalization, in its relation with the private sphere, become ritualized and transformed into a poetic and abstract space where the possibilities of existence can replace it?

Su8marino is a play where the globalized spaces remain intertwined in a personal sphere and in a specific body teeming with references that continually un-reference themselves while searching for the multiplicity



15 JUN, 23H00


Paulo Zé Pimenta started to create music in his room with a com-puter, a sampler and a couple of synthesizers at the age of 16.

As his knowledge of playing with machines and different instru-ments continued to consolidate in a self-taught way, he came to develop a unique and distinct sound.

PZ is his most intimate project to date, but there are other music ventures that allow this musician to travel through divergent sounds and states of mind: Pplectro (his alter ego for purely electronic reveries), Paco Hunter (a project he developed with his brother, Zé Nando Pimenta), and the Zany Dislexic Band (an im-provisation band comprising Zé Nando Pimenta, Duarte Araújo, and Sérgio Freitas).

PZ continues to build his identity in his own multifaceted and multidisciplinary world, where coherence is divided in parallel dimensions. When we listen to his music, we do see that reality still surpasses fiction.



16 JUN, 22H00

Exílio das Moscas

Bearing a clear performative artistic dimension, in this project the stage and audiovisual languages converge in subjects such as emigration and immigration, feminism, racism, abuse of power, war and political satire.

Teas, suitcases, black and white photos, toy soldiers, vintage clothes, and other items make of “Exile of the Flies” a compulsive and extravagant exercise of imagination that explores various stage languages.



16 JUN, 23H00

“Monkey Ramblings” used to be an activity only for those in the knowing… They say that in the olden times coopers used to gather together to socialize at the end of their long working day. Labor was hard, and the need to unwind was crucial for the continuity of a healthy labor humanization. After so much toiling away at the rhythmic beat of TAN TAN TANN, the workers used to hang around talking, drinking, nibbling and dancing, among other eccentricities… We are going to replicate these conversations and some other cooper quirks...



16 JUN, 24H00

O Manipulador

Though an avowed one-man-band, O Manipulador is much more than that. Like the mythological Hydra, pedal boards, loops and an adventurous approach to the four-string guitar unfold (and multiply) in sticky and memorable songs. In this ever-expanding universe there are echoes of the Om mantra siding with Sonic Youth, smatterings of last century’s punk mingled with the dark velvety ambiances of Morphine and Tindersticks. Above all, from this music emerges a clear aesthetics permeated by the solitude of its creator.

It’s on stage where all these references come to life and take shape. O Manipulador is accompanied by visual artist Eduardo Cunha to combine music with a tantalizing and unusual imagina-tive component that helps transform this music into a sensory experience.

Manuel Molarinho is a founding member of projects Um ao Molhe, Madrasta, and Burgueses Famintos, and his latest project is the acclaimed band Baleia Baleia Baleia with their homonymous debut album…